About Jim Miekka and the SBB Report

Jim Miekka is the author of the well-known Hindenburg Omen sell signal, and is the publisher of the Sudbury Bull and Bear Report, a weekly financial advisory report. The report focuses on technical analysis of the overall stock market, using proprietary mathematical indicators to predict the near-term direction of the stock market. Jim does not select individual stocks, but rather suggests investments in stock index futures and ETFs. Each week, the newsletter begins with a graphic depiction of a traffic light, which instantly tells the reader whether Jim recommends to be in the market (green light), out of the market (red light) or to be expecting a change in market direction (yellow light). The text below the traffic light expands on the reason for the chosen traffic light, expressed in technical market language, but made readily understandable to its readers. A sample of page one of a typical newsletter can be viewed by clicking on the link below. 


Jim may be contacted by e-mail at dmiekka@cs.com

To subscribe to a full year (52 issues) of the Sudbury Bull and Bear Report, Send a check in the amount of $99.00 US to James Miekka SBB, and mail to the address below.

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